How to Spot a Fake Replica Tag Heuer Watch?

You can use a few approaches to identify a replica or fake Tag Heuer, I list some methods below for your references. If you want to buy a genuine Tag Heuer, you must ensure that the product you are getting is authenticate and not an elaborated copy.

Fuzzy Printed Dial: Here's where a jeweler's loupe can be very very useful. Look closely via a jeweler's loupe at the dial and date wheel (if present) through the loupe. The printing of genuine Tag Heuer wathes should be sharp and defined, not fuzzy around the edges or bleeding between letters. A genuine dial with sloppy printing would be rejected at the factory during inspection. The odds are that, unless the watch has been redialed, if it has irregular print quality it's a counterfeit.

Dirty Dial: There should be no dust on the surface of the dial, and absolutely no fingerprints. Contaminants such as hairs have been known to be found under counterfeit crystals on replica Tag Heuer watches. There's no quality control in the replica factories; each replica Tag Heuer watch can exhibit a variety of subtle diferences, including such things as contaminants and print quality.

Luminosity: Most Tag Heuer watches use a substance called LumiNova to provide the glow to the dial and hands that allows you to read the time in darkness. Replica Tag Heuer watches normally have a poor quality luminous material applied compared to a genuine watch. The replica won't glow as brightly or as long when charged and viewed in a low light situation. It's also common that replica Tag Heuer watches will have missing luminous materials and not glow at all. Use a flashlight to "charge" a watch and observe the brightness of the dial and hands in the dark.

Glue on Crown: Cheap replica Tag Heuer watches might have the logo actually glued to the end of the crown. These watches have so many other flaws that this won't be your first indication of problems. Make sure the crown shows no sign of glue or uneven edges. Also, the watch should wind smooth and free, without the feel of the movement moving in the case.

TIPS: On an authentic "Link or SEL" style bracelet, each link is composed of two separate pieces, a right half and a left half. On fake Tags, a crease is typically used to simulate the separation of the link halves. Also, you should not see any pins holding the bracelet to the case or a link to a link except at the clasp for size adjustment.

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